who we are

: time to come out of the third world
: Yasvika nguva yekugadzira nhaka yenyika yedu 
: Sesifikile isikhathi sokulungisa ilifa lezwe lethu.
After looking at what has killed the economy of zimbabwe, of Africa, we saw that the problem was our present politicians who are not concerned with the building of infrastructures like roads(Motor ways), towns expansions and industries. Their concept of power is just to be there, moving with luxury cars, and living in palaces, after coming from the toilet then they implement Pharisees like laws and documents,and prepare their resting place(heroes acres) and commemoration stadiums only. thus what they think .
It's a mega Development and a totally different politics of it’s own kind in Zimbabwe, not oriented to benefit this generation but for the new Zimbabwe, our grand children and great grand children, we should not be selfish but we want them to leave in a Zimbabwe like, Japan, USA, like UK, we want to come out of the third world. We are totally looking at something different from the present politicians, though we appreciate what they did by terminating apartheid(zanu) and implementing LIKE democracy(mdc), we need total destruction of the present system which does not care for it’s people by implementing zero tolerance squatter zones, we will not need any hindrance to the Mega Development. We are not going to tolerate any unfair rulings by the ruling parties; we want a democratic change made by the people’s will. We need a splendid Dzimbaremabwe, which projects into debt neutrality, and focuses on global techno and economic development for the eradication of poverty (GDP increment). The European and American politicians inherited from their heroes including Winston Churchill, George Washington, John Clapham, Nicholas Craft etc, who did everlasting Mega developments in their countries. Their objective was '' ECONOMIC CRITERION IS INDUSTRIALIZATION''; Their achievement was (GDP) per capita.

The present Zimbabwe is running a debt of $US 900billion and Zimbabwe have got a lot of resources, man power skills, to achieve something. Life expectance and poverty in Zimbabwe is at it’s extreme and it is now number two in the world, prior to Haiti which have poverty caused by added natural disasters. All the profits from taxing, from the natural resources, tourism and by products have gone to benefit corruption and the defence/police forces, so that they sustain their corruption and power hungry rather than the concerns of the republic of Zimbabwe,

below poverty line
80% earn below poverty line of ZWD 13 Trillion per month (USD $41.00) (July 2008). However, the average wage is only ZWD 100 Billion (30c) per month.

In Mega Zimbabwe we are not going to leave the decaying of our country going on, Zimbabwe needs a new totally changed politics of it’s own kind, a politics full of development minds. We are looking at a future of Mega industries, road engineering, development in communication, infrastructure, in health, housing and accommodation structures, we need to tackle third-worldism, We need a politics to raise the life expectancy, a politics were the politicians are ordinary people in the eyes of the public ‘’no motor cades’’, A POLITICS WITH MINDS TO LEAVE A GREAT INHERITANCE TO OUR GRAND CHILDREN. We need a new politics were presidents are not in full of control. First step for Zimbabwe would be rebuilding using new formatted bricks and crushing rubbles of demolition to build pavements and bring a brand new Zimbabwe or Mega Zimbabwe ‘’it’s a negation of negation’’ taking the old guard and infuse it with new blood which is dextrous and protected with mega doses of international experience. We need a new politics which eradicates corruption and blood shed at once. We need diversification from the way we do things, we have learnt how the British do their things, some have learnt how the Italians do their things some Germans some Australians we are all over. If we were to bring together these ideas we can make a significant contribution to our beloved mother country.
• If no political stability is reached we will be forced to fight for our rights and for the future of our grand children, our Mega Zimbabwe. After taking careful consideration and people‘s wishes, WE ARE GOING TO BE INSPIRED TO DO SOMETHING IF THIS CONTINUES , LETS COUNT FROM NOW .. TICKA, ..TICKA TICKA… ticka ..ticka..

The organisation has members all-over including diaspora..South Africa, United kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland,United States, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Botswana,Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Spain and the cayman islands...The majority are in Zimbabwe.

if you need to join us or get located to your neighbour in your country, just tell us your country and if no one is
there, you automatically qualifies to the leader of that unit.

The most important regarding this group is ,we are going to set up a trace mechanism to our members for security purposes regarding abductions and other spoilers of our dream. THE TRACING MECHANISM IS NOT AUTOMATIC BUT IT WILL WORK WITH MEMBERS WHO LIKE TO USE IT.

WE HAVE THE INSIGHT OF ENGAGING IN SMALL PROJECTS REGARDING OUR RURAL AREAS AND URBAN HIGH DENSITIES PEOPLE. To give them support and do induction courses on protection against political violence e business entrepreneur skills and educate people on effects on MEGA DEVELOPMENT eg looking at construction of the kariba dam era, CONSEQUENCES OF MOTORWAY CONSTRUCTIONS. planning on were and when such projects will be implemented within Zimbabwe.

we want to concentrate on ways to boost the economy of Zimbabwe rather than talking of legislations and constitution.
in our home areas,AND SETTING UP COMMITTEES FOR DIFFERENT PROJECTS We also Look on other groups which consists of Zimbabwean professionals and aid groups, to get strategies and insight eg 1 million Zimbabwe voices,Zimbabwe Construction Professionals, Helping people in Zimbabwe, Zimdonors, Zimbabwe Teachers Network- Zimteachnet. and more to be added.


Dry tree:
the tree is just out of the top soil, and this tree denotes that even if given rainfall, it won’t bear any more fruits but rather the rain will cause it to decay more. This gives a significance of a drying economy and hard politics, full of corruption, even pumping money into it, is helpless for the development of Zimbabwe, and everything needs to be eradicated.
New plants and germinating seeds:
it looks the seeds and the new plants just needs rain drops to survive and become a new and giant forest. This signifies the underground potential of young generation and the present oppressed generation to make Zimbabwe a better place.

The map:
This represents the unity and sovereignty of the people of Zimbabwe and that it has a bright future ahead because of what it contains.
Motorway informative sign: The motorway sign signifies, mega development in roads net works, mega development in town planning, and it signifies a mega charge in our political system and implementation of foreign expertise engineering
The flag:
This elaborates that we appreciate the struggle, and movement for democracy, that we are growing from it. We will continue from were they left and make this sovereign state to shine again. the flag colours signifies, minerals and etc, so the seeds are also going to get natural resources including diamonds , and other minerals as major keys to the success of mega Zimbabwe. At present there is a wide corruption and misuse to the money created from our soil. We need it to rebuild Zimbabwe for our Grand children.

Dollar sign:
The money signifies our natural resources, and foreign aid, which have to drop like rain fall on the new generation, to rebuild Zimbabwe rather than them to fall on the old tree, which is and have been helpless in the development of Zimbab