Sunday, 10 July 2011

project7..The Da William Gas project

The Da William Gas project has already started.. please if you need the document to implement in your constitution or your village give me a bell. l am expecting that this project will be like blair toilet project of zimbabwe that year. and that by 2020 the whole of zimbawe villagers and urban will be using Da William Gas.this project is done in rwanda,lesotho,india, uganda and many third world countries.

well Da william gas project started as a joke in Mega Zimbabwe convention .. yet now it's a true dream.. please i ask again that if you are interested get in touch.. the project is now known by the Zimbabwe GNU govt with the  ministries of energy including Rt Hon Mangoma  and Rt Hon Chindori Chininga.  politics aside and foward development.. thus the moto.

At the moment we have started the implementation to my rural homestead.. the villagers are to start  the barking of 2000 bricks , for the project to be implemented on a local clinic. the project is so cheap to manage and we need 5 bags of cement, concrete and gas stoves or self mold stoves which uses gas jet inlets  like the bensen burner.. . please see the document  on how the project is geared.  the gas will be obatained from cow dug/composite manure or toilets waste. it's like a 5 kg bag of cow dug  can produce gas which can be used to cook food for five people for two weeks. The name Da William comes from my nickname name Martin Chinyanga Da William on facebook social networks.

see a test of it...  

thank you

Martin William Chinyanga( MSc Biophysics UK, Lic Ed Cuba) 

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 the materials , cow dug, or rubish from kitchen