Wednesday, 22 July 2015

project 10 ...growing green algae for food, oil and fuel

people growing the same green algae for food. 

Chlorella is a green single-celled algae cultivated in fresh water ponds. It has a grass-like smell because of the high amounts of chlorophyll in it, the highest concentration of any plant in the world. It has existed on the plant for billions of years and was one of the first foods to appear. Fossils of Chlorella have been found dating back 3 billion years. Chlorella is one of the healthiest, most potent foods in existence. In addition to being a perfect food for humans, lower grades of Chlorella are fed to livestock all over the world.

Chlorella Pyrensoida was identified around the end of the 19th century. The Japanese began studying it more closely in the 1940's and are responsible for much of Chlorella's popularity today. The Japanese take more Chlorella per capita than Americans take vitamin C, America's most popular Vitamin. However, Chlorella is many times more powerful a whole-food than any other multivitamin or supplement on the market.

Besides the fact that it is a perfect food which provides the body with nearly all its nutritional needs, it is a powerful Immune System Builder, extremely Detoxifying and excellent for the Digestion.

making oil 

how they squeeze the oil from the dry algae hey

how to grow the algae

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